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IT takes

a village.

We are Serve to Empower Africa.

Serve to Empower Africa is a grassroots non-profit organization headquartered in Kinangop, Nyandarua County, Kenya. Surrounding villages in this rural setup experience extreme poverty which rapidly engulfs their entire families for generations, with devastating consequences to their communities. 


Our mission is to restore dignity and stability to such impoverished families by providing rapid socioeconomic interventions through community-led service initiatives. To us, empowerment does not mean "surviving better" - our work is not finished until families are equipped with the resources, opportunities, skills, and community connections they need to thrive.

About us

Since there's no one single cause of poverty, we can't take a one-size-fits-all approach to eliminating it. Our strategy must be rooted in cultural understanding.


The strategy for breaking the vicious cycle of rural poverty must include deep understanding of the socioeconomic, cultural, and geographical landscape. One of our greatest strengths as an organization is that we're part of the communities we serve  and has deep insight in most of the community dynamics we need to be sensitive about in the process of working with our people.


As a team comprised entirely of community leaders, trusted community members, and veteran volunteers, we deeply comprehend the vital cultural context around this complex issue.



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Empowerment Programs


At the heart of our organization, our Empowerment Programs cultivate the resources, skills, assets and opportunities needed for socioeconomic stabilization and growth.


Along with establishing access to primary healthcare and local providers, we prioritize providing information on preventative measures and raising personal health awareness in families.


S.E.A strategically partners with health institutions to carry out health awareness campaigns in impoverished villages, making critical health information available. 


In the areas we serve, access to primary education is unevenly distributed and based solely on the families' ability to afford schooling for their children. This inequality in family income and social status has an irrevocable impact on a child’s future and their own capacity to escape poverty.


While families are within our programs, we support their children by covering the cost of their education, further ensuring the family's prosperity. 


Through our community partnerships and networks, we're able to connect families with local socioeconomic groups and identify relevant economic opportunities suited to their abilities, strengths, and  circumstances.


Boosting community connections and creating reliable sources of income creates a foundation of socioeconomic stability for families to build upon.



Access to food, water and sanitation is pivotal to lifting a family out of rural poverty. Our most primary focus for the families we serve is to secure a sustainable source of clean water, increasing their opportunities for sanitation, health, nutrition, and more.


In situations where water cannot be sourced, we build and install fresh water storage facilities. 


Cultural and societal norms can leave impoverished families in a state of isolation from their community.


Our focus within this complex aspect of rural poverty is to create pivotal community connections for families and emphasize the importance of their roles within their villages. This is a unique service we're able to provide as a grassroots organization with ties to these communities. 

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